All you have to do to is to follow these simple steps to seek, bid and acquire your boat.

  1. Browse through the great range of boats available in our inventory pages.
    - Each boat is accompanied by a stock number for easy reference.
    - Make sure and regularly review these pages as we are constantly updating our stock information.
    - Once you have located a boat of interest to you make contact with our office.
    - You can do this  via : e-mail, phone, in person
    - A member of our dedicated sales staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have and then issue you with a Bidder Number to be used in the bidding process.

  2. Download our official bid form, completing all the information required and making sure to include your bidder number.
    - Submit the completed form to us as soon as possible, keeping in mind that all bids will be forwarded by us on your behalf within 24 hours and in order of receipt, not dollar value.

  3. A $100 deposit is required with all bids submitted.   This can be paid with Visa or Master Card and is fully refundable in the case of an unsuccessful bid.

  4. Should your initial bid not be successful, you can chose to resubmit with a higher offer.
    - Contact our sales staff to guide you through the re-submission process as they are here to work with you to gain the optimum purchase price.

  5. Once you result in a successful bid we require the lodgment of 10% deposit on invoice with the balance due within 7 days.

Five simple steps to finding and securing your new boat.